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About us




Chaos produces and sells premium sportswear apparel and branded products. That’s the core of what we do – but it hardly tells our complete story.

Our branded sportswear and apparel is becoming an inspiration for people all over the globe. Why do our loyalist insist on Chaos? Because they can count on first rate quality, eco-conscious materials, innovative designs, a comfortable fit, and on-going inspiration.

Expect More

We’re not just passionate about sportswear and apparel, but also everything else that goes with a rewarding active lifestyle experience.

We look to advocate and promote people that are positively displaying the Chaos Lifestyle. Those that are public as well as those that the world may never hear of. We give everyone who chooses to “Live Above It” a place and a voice to showcase their positive impact on our great world.

It’s common to see our brand advocates convening socially, interacting digitally, and meeting up publicly. We’re the branded gathering place for those who decide to “Live Above It”, and we couldn’t be happier about our mission and our responsibility.

Our influence ranges from elite sports athletes, organizations, and teams all the way to the person next door to you. We look to be a part of your daily routine – and we invite you to get to know us more and join us on our mission. Remember, to the world you may be one person, but to one person you just might be the world.

Chaos Lifestyle